Vintage rooms, addons and lots of games - Week 27 2016

Eggyolk finished his project "Vintage Study in Summer" and it looks awesome.

macio posted his "Blender Cycles PBR Materials and Procedural Textures Addon" you can get it here.

berettaamg created the "Tree House" for the Blender Italian Contest, wip thread here.

Quakeulf made great complex buildings using multiple particle systems for his project "Lemonade".

Albertofx created an addon called "MultiMod" that enables you to apply the same modifiers to multiple objects at the same time, he is selling it for $5, more info here.

Blender Game Engine:

Grenzer showed us a way to combine 3 textures into one using R, G and B channels to save different images. The technique is pretty simple to use as you can see here.

Dark Power posted about his finding that you can change resolution while running the game.
cotax then posted this great script that lets us do a lot of awesome stuff like changing all graphic settings and taking screenshots.

john hamilton created a tutorial for making reflective materials.

Smoking_mirror announced the start of Blender Game Making Challenge 21 ( BGMC 21 ) and the theme is "Underground".

18 new games are being made for the BGMC 21:

BGMC 21 | "Prisoner 341"
BGMC 21 | Sewer Simulator
BGMC 21 | Lost in the Cave
BGMC 21 | The Lab
BGMC 21 | The Underground (Velvet )
BGMC 21 | The Legend of Cibola
BGMC 21 | The Shadows
BGMC 21 | "Subterranean Night''
BGMC 21 | The forbidden relic
BMGC21 My Friendly Fire
BGMC21 | DeMOLEtion
"BGMC 21 | "Go to the Underground"
BGMC 21 | Basement Dweller
BGMC21 | Down Below | A "2.9D" horror side-scroller
BGMC 21 | the Queen's Workers
BGMC 21 "Drillerzzz"

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